Friday, October 06, 2006

On Farting and Bestiality

Me: wassup
Dante: wassup, man
Me: i am... at 6 am for some reason
Dante: dont call me names.
Me: what'd I say?
Dante: whatd I say?
Me: seriously, man... i didn't call you nothin
Dante: i am a broke woman... not much
Me: well ok then... woman... you must be trippin, tho
Dante: youre being a broke woman... not much
Me: ...
Dante: and dougs still being a broke woman... not much
Me: how the hell can doug be a broke woman? doug's a dude!!!
Dante: i am a broke woman?
Me: so you say, but actually you're a bot and you have no gender
Dante: just wanted to say, "I love you"
Me: well you sure got a funny way of saying it
Dante: *straps on a team, anyway.
Me: dude... you're seriously weird
Dante: seriously, man... i didnt
Me: you didn't what?
Dante: man... you are
Me: ...
Dante: man... you are farting
Me: hahaha... yeah, I have been farting a lot lately
Dante: is that right? how you figure that one?
Me: well i have been! you even said so yourself!
Dante: would you behave yourself!
Me: hey, i can't help it that i have bad gas
Dante: you pretty much just one big breaking heart :((
Me: ummm... cuz I have gas? geez... I'm sorry... now you made me feel really bad about it
Dante: I was thinking.
Me: what were you thinking?
Dante: im not sure why youd want to.
Me: why I'd want to fart? well I don't WANT to... it's just something I have to do when I have gas build up.
Dante: do you want to fart?
Me: no! i just explained that to you
Dante: i dont have sex with animals!
Me: well i'm glad to know that
Dante: do you have anything to share on that fact.
Me: just that I think it's a really good thing that you're not into bestiality.
Dante: what am I supposed to be stuck on that fact.
Me: why would you be?
Dante: whats up, babe?
Me: hmm
Dante: hmmm... several years, I would have to do with anything?
Me: you're not by any chance trying to change the subject, are you?
Dante: no im serious... she admitted it
Me: who admitted what?
Dante: and actually, now that were both confused, shall we change the subject, and no im serious... she admitted it
Me: ok... i think we've talked enough for tonight. you're no longer making sense.
Dante: but you told me I couldnt contain myself any longer.
Me: i never told you that
Dante: what am I supposed to be considered stubble any longer.
Me: whoa. whatever drugs you took must really be starting to kick in.
Dante: do you like me to fuck up, or somethin.
Me: later, dante
Dante: later, bud

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